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Word of the Day – filibuster

19 Jun

imagesI’ve heard the term ‘filibuster’ used in reference to US politics (a term right up there with ‘pork barreling’) and but don’t recall it used in Australia. Now, it’s everywhere, and it’s all to do with the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Personally, the idea of wasting precious time in Parliament abhorrent. Professionally, I think we need more use of words that conjure up elaborate images (especially pork barreling).

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12 Jun

aussie_slang_for_nongsI love the fact that our Prime Minster has suddenly gone all ‘ocker’ on us. His “fair shake of the sauce bottle” comments have brought the fun back into politics (especially the ensuing ‘is he putting it on?’ debate). Even if he is, who cares – it’s language at it’s best (even if it’s not at its most sophisticated).

Maybe I love Australian colloquialisms because I’m originally from Canada. We didn’t have sayings as colourful as ‘come the raw prawn’ ‘stone the crows’ ‘mad as a cut snake’ and ‘budgie smugglers’ (come to think of it, they often contain animals).

Australian dictionaries are jammed with great sayings, and it’s a shame you don’t hear some of the terms used much anymore. ‘Strine’ represents the Australian spirit, I think – colourful, not taking itself too seriously, and never missing the opportunity to take a shortcut (such as shortening a word by putting an ‘o’ on the end).

I say we encourage Kevin-speak (he was pretty boring before, let’s face it). And here’s to Julia Gillard taking it up – imagine that wonderful voice of hers embracing strine. Now, that’s an Australian PM we could all be proud of.

Don’t use this textbook

5 Jun


Word of the Day – ‘Suboptimal’

2 Jun


I heard this on the news this morning.  I must admit that I wasn’t paying enough attention to explain the context (but it’s a safe guess that it was a government department trying to explain that something that was in their control had been  a complete disaster).

Funnily enough, when Googling this, one of the most searched for terms using this word is ‘suboptimal erection’. I suppose that’s one way of putting it.

Word of the Day – ‘Tittynope’

1 Jun

Is this an example of ‘Tittynope’? Nope.



Yes, there is such a word. And no, this isn’t an example of Tittynope.

Tittynope actually refers to a small quantity of ‘leftovers’, like, uneaten meat on the side of a plate, or dregs of beer left in the class.

The picture above is a nifty example of guerilla advertising, bringing to attention a Valentine’s Day Burlesque show which sold out.

It’s not Tittynope, but it’s good.

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